eColosseum is surely one of the most robust online ticketing system on the market. It allows the promoters of cultural events to sell tickets by keeping the ticketing expenses very low. We do not charge any extra provisions or registration fees. We just simply deduct one credit from your pre-paid credits account. It is very easy to predict with our credit system how much it will cost if you are selling thousand tickets.

Once you are logged into the system you can top up your account online by using your credit card or PayPal. During the critical selling period you can constantly track the balance of your credits. Once there is unsufficient credits on your account, customers are not able to purchase ticket anymore. We automatically publish an invoice for each credits top up transaction, which you can print from the administration.


1 Credit = 1 Ticket Sold

Prices in EUR

Credits to top up Credits price
50 50.00 EUR
100 84.00 EUR
500 375.00 EUR
1000 667.00 EUR
5000 2500.00 EUR

Prices in GBP

Credits to top up Credits price
50 40.00 GBP
100 67.00 GBP
500 300.00 GBP
1000 534.00 GBP
5000 2000.00 GBP

Prices in USD

Credits to top up Credits price
50 67.00 USD
100 112.00 USD
500 500.00 USD
1000 889.00 USD
5000 3334.00 USD

Remaining credit stays on your account for next 24 months. You cannot transfer your credit between accounts and it is not possible to refund the credit back to your bank account.
We use secure online GPWebPay credit card gateway and PayPal.

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