Start selling tickets online. We help you to start your own ticket distribution channel. Please find the frequently asked questions in the text below.


1. Is the new ecolosseum user account really for free?

Yes, you just need to provide us with your existing e-mail address, where you will receive your password. Straight after the registration you can fully use the ticketing system and create the events. We will give you 50 extra credits to try out the system features.

2. How much does it cost to use the eColosseum system long-term?

You can easily calculate and predict your future costs. Just estimate how many tickets you are going to sell. For each ticket sold one credit will be deducted from your account. So, just top up to have the required number of credits on your account. No other costs or fees apply. Please find the up to date price list on this website.

3. Can I share my account with my colleagues who are responsible for the events organization?

Yes, you can set up new user accounts and assign them to an according user groups. By doing so you make sure each user will have just a limited access to your data.

4. Can I modify the default ticket design?

You can create unlimited number of ticket types and to each type you can upload a different background image. You can have logos, texts on your background image if you wan to. It is not possible to modify the event details section on the ticket, as it is being automatically generated by the system.

5. Is it possible to sell tickets for specific seats in my venue?

Yes, with eColosseum you can have not numbered as well as numbered venues. Numbered venues are displayed with a clickable seats plan, so the visitors can choose specific seats they want to book.

6. Can I send mass email to my event's visitors about changes related to the event?

It is easy to send emails to all the customers who bought a ticket directly from eColosseum. You can even export the list of emails into *.csv file.

7. Where can I find my published events?

All the ticket sales are held in WebSale module, which is part of the eColosseum solution. You can find it on the following address If you want to see a specific event, then click an icon in events listing in the adsministration.

8. How can I start selling tickets from my website?

Just place a button "Buy tickets" on your website. The button should redirect your visitors to WebSale Please do not forget to post the following parameters when redirecting the visitors to WebSale.

Post these parameters :

  • Eventid – unique event id
  • Mrsid – unique organizer's id
  • Successredirect – url address where the visitor should be returned to after he/she completes an order.
  • Failedredirect – url address where the visitor should be redirected to if he/she clicks "Back to programme" button when choosing a free seat.
  • Language – Language code such as en-GB or de-DE.