Joomla is a favourite open-source CMS which helps the web designers to create slick websites. If you use Joomla! and you want to integrate it with eColosseum, you can download free Ticket Seller extension and get it done in few minutes. With this extension it is easy to import all the events data into Joomla and publish a listings of those events on your website along with the links pointing to WebSale for purchasing a ticket. Your visitors will be redirected back to your website after purchasing a ticket. 


eColosseum is created in such way, so it is easy to integrate it into any website published on the internet. You just need to know how to structure urls when redirecting visitors to WebSale, so they can be redirected back to your website. To go further and to make integration even more robust, we decided to support Joomla! webmasters and community and published Ticket Seller extension. This extension can import all the data from eColosseum to Joomla database, so the administrators can publish events details on Joomla websites in few clicks. They can even extend the data imported by typing in more details into title description field. Key benefit of using Tciket Seller is that it will generate Buy ticket buttons for you automatically, so you don't need generate them by hand.


sell tickets in Joomla

TicketSeller is a Joomla extension that allows you to integrate your Joomla website with eColosseum Ticketing System to start selling tickets online.

Key features of the TicketSeller extension are:

  • manage list of events, titles or venues directly from Joomla administration
  • extend the imported data. You can paste images, videos and any content you want to give you visitors all the information they need to buy the tickets
  • create links to the events on WebSale automatically. You don't need to think about event ids or other parameters being transmitted in urls when calling WebSale
  • other compatible extensions will be available on request to webmasters such as calendar of events, search plugin or sliders

Dictionary of terms (what is what)

  • eColosseum client = a web based administration where you can create your events, set up payment gateways, style your eTickets and create seat plans for your venues. It is for free to start usin it at
  • WebSale = a font-end of eColosseum which is designed to handle all the sales and rezervations. That is where your visitors will be redirected to purchase the ticket and to print them out. It runs on the address
  • TicketSeller = extension written for Joomla! to help website designers and integrators to use eColosseum data on their Joomla websites