eColosseum is an online ticketing solution designed for organizers of cultural events. It completely replaces traditional ticket distribution via ticketing networks. All you need for selling your tickets is a computer connected to the internet, eventually a printer for printing out your reports or eTickets.

All your events are being stored in a secure database. It means you can save on buying and maintaining your own server and software licences. You can of course access the system from any computer in the world.

One of the top benefits are the financial conditions. As the software is provided as a service, you pay only when you are selling your tickets. That means having an account and keeping all the data about your events, sales, customers cost you nothing. Please find the details about the fees related to using the solution in section Pricing.

eColosseum consists of different modules which you can find in the right menu on this page.

Easy to Use

Register your organization, create your event and make sure you have enough credits on your account to sell the ticket online. Your customers will have the opportunity to buy the tickets from their homes.

register your organization

create an event

sell tickets via WebSale

Why eColosseum 

  • Online system available 24/7 – no installation required
  • Friendly pricing model for using the whole solution based on credits - 1 credit equals to 1 sold ticket
  • No extra fees for using the administration
  • Opened for an integration with any 3rd party website - all ticket sales are made through WebSale
  • No dependency on ticketing networks
  • Get paid directly onto your account

Event administration

When creating an event you have to fill in an event title, date and venue details. You can have a not numbered venue (seats without specific row/seat number) or you can draw a seat plan for your numbered venue divided into different price zones. The interactive seat plan will be then displayed on the WebSale.

You can also create your own unique ticket design by uploading any background image. Apart of that with eColosseum you can have several type of discounts and assign them to each event.

Once an event is created it is published in WebSale, so people can start buying the tickets.

joomla! integration

Joomla is a favourite open-source CMS which helps the web designers to create slick websites. If you use Joomla and you want to integrate it with eColosseum, you can download an extension and get it done in few minutes. With this extension it is easy to import all the events data into Joomla and publish a listings of those events on your website along with the links pointing to WebSale for purchasing a ticket. Your visitors will be redirected back to your website after purchasing a ticket. Read more about Joomla integration with Ticket Seller.

Free android App

Selling and distributing tickets is a great idea as long as you know how to validate them. We have developed an application for all Android phones that helps you to do the job straight away. After installing the app you are ready to validate all your eTickets by scanning the barcodes or typing in the ticket numbers. System tracks time of each validation and prevents eticket holders to use the same ticket more times. Download your app for free at Goolge Play Store.

Venue editor

If you organize indoor events, your visitors might need to find detailed information about free seats before they proceed to checkout. With eColosseum you can create a clickable seats plan, so your potential customers will be able to choose a specific seat in your venue by clicking a seat icon. Alternatively, you can create a not numbered venue, which does not hold any information about seats and rows. In this case you just specify maximum number of tickets for each price category.

Ticket editor

Create your own unique tickets. You can easily upload an image and use it as a ticket background. The image can contain your logo, logo of your sponsors ot texts about the terms and conditions. Each ticket has it own barcode which you can scan with our free Android application.

payment methods

One of the main advantages of using eColosseum is the fact, that the payments are credited directly onto your bank or online account. At the moment your visitors can pay by bank transfer or by credit card through secure PayPal payment gateway. Thse options help you to increase your cash-flow and allow you to re-invest received funds before the event even starts.

Address book

Save and keep your contacts for future use. You can store personal data as well as company information securely in an address book. If you need to use your contacts in another application you can export them in few cliks. You can also write notes to each contact or send an email directly from the administration. You can delete the data anytime you need as well.


eColosseum creates ticket reservations and keep them until they expire or until they are paid. This is important especially if you enable bank transfers, as it usually takes few days to transfer funds between two bank accounts. You can set how many days you want to keep the reservations active until they are automatically cancelled. During that time you can mark the reservations as paid and send emails to your customers. You can cancel an active or already paid reservation any time you want.

Reports and statistics

All the sales and the revenue is tracked by the system. User with according user rights can browse a financial data and export it into several formats including MS Excel and Adobe PDF. You can browse reports by events, by ticket numbers or by customer categories such as student. On top of that system tracks a credit balance history where you can double check how many credits was deducted from your account during some period.


If you customers require you to publish an invoice for their orders they paid, you can easily do so directly in eColosseum. An invoice can be printed out every time you mark a reservation as paid. Also cancelling a reservation triggers publishing an  invoice. Invoice as a report contains all the elements required by your tax office.