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eColosseum is a complex web application designed for the tickets sales for cultural, musical or sports events.

Register and try out how easy it is to set up an event, create your own ticket design and sell tickets over the internet..

You do not pay any extra fees, just top up your credits account from which one credit is deducted as soon as a ticket gets sold.

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and get 50 credits for free for your next 50 tickets sold!

Validate all the printed out eTickets with your Android phone!

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Sell your tickets instantly without investing into hardware or software licences.

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Key benefits
Online access
Manage your events and sales from anywhere. Just connect to the internet and log into your web account. No special hardware required.
Easy integration with your website
Just place a link pointing to WebSale ticketing site, which is part of eColosseum solution. You can even use a simple guide built into the  administration to generate the url links automatically.
Top up your credit
We deduct only one credit from your virtual credits account for each ticket sold. No additional costs, no contracts required.
Address book and emailing
Store your contacts in an address book for future marketing campaigns. You can also send an email to all the visitors of an event and give them an update about the programme, venue, etc.
Payments directly to your bank account
Set up a bank transfer payment method or PayPal in eColosseum administartion. You will receive all the payments to your account then.
Reports and statistics
You can print out or export important reports about the ticket sales, credit balance from your administration. You can even publish an invoice for each tickets order.


About Ticketing System eColosseum

eColosseum is an online ticketing solution designed for organizers of cultural events. It completely replaces traditional ticket distribution via ticketing networks. All you need for selling your tickets is a computer connected to the internet, eventually a printer for printing out your reports or eTickets.

All your events are being stored in a secure database. It means you can save on buying and maintaining your own server and software licences. You can of course access the system from any computer in the world.

One of the top benefits are the financial conditions. As the software is provided as a service, you pay only when you are selling your tickets. That means having an account and keeping all the data about your events, sales, customers cost you nothing. Please find the details about the fees related to using the solution in section Pricing.


8.11.2013 - System upgrade and maintenance

29.10.2013 - System upgrade and maintenance

5.9.2012 - New features - organization names included in URL at, new version of Android app

29.5.2012 - New features and system maintenance

24.4.2012 - System upgrade and maintenance

4.4.2012 - Preparation for new ticketing system launch